Here's a film about Jesus:

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Anil kumar.Addepalli, 28 July, 2009

Friends Jesus is the way and life and truth, must u have open your eyes, ok, first please pray this prayer to invite jesus in christ.
Dear mighty jesus, i confess to you that i m a sinner, thank you jesus for dying on the cross for me, and bore my sins on the cross, thank you jesus for your love to this sinner, jesus please come in to my life, i will do what you want to do, i will go where you want to go, i will be waht you want you want you be, jesus please come in to my life now. in jesus name we pray.

Hi 3 August, 2009

You really don't need any more content. Let people engage with this how they may - this video reminded me of grace and how much I am loved without having to be told with excessive punctuation 'Jesus love you!' or a list of miracles or cringing, cheesy videos.

Entering on a whim then finding this really helped me. It's not barren. Thank you.

Captain cross 9 August, 2009

who's Jesus

JACOB 21 August, 2009

I wan bibles 2 give 2 frens

harjinder 21 September, 2009

only jesus my lord

jesus_fan for life 21 September, 2009

ching ching china the chinese chicken, come to my house for a jesus licking, if you dont like that hell shove his drumstick in!!! hey macarena

Raja 26 September, 2009

He is the ultiment god

greg 28 October, 2009

i love it

Dale 31 October, 2009

jesus we all love u ur the cooliest u died for me i think we could be great pals if u come back to earth

Amy 15 November, 2009

I still dont think Jesus is real :/ ?

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