Here's a film about Jesus:

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Sarah 9 May, 2009

A beautiful interpretation.

Mahmood Ramjad 15 May, 2009

cool, really conveyed his soulessness to me...

Alayna 31 May, 2009

I tell you you should put more progress in this website. Not just a video.

Alayna again 31 May, 2009

A 4 June, 2009

I like just the video. Its powerful enough as it is. How long has this been up?

rupert griffin 8 June, 2009

lord god almighty! . .this video is a blessing

Bob McFadden 23 June, 2009

I'm Blind, can someone describe this video to me? The sound alone really doesn't convey the full picture.

adam 24 June, 2009

1. Why did Jesus say think not that I am come to send peace on earth:…Not Peace but a Sword? 2. Jesus said: Those enemies of mine not that they have me rule over them….Slay them before me? 3. Why did Jesus Command his Disciples to sell their belonging to Arm themselves with Swords? 4. Why was it was said to Jesus, here are two swords? and why did Jesus reply: It is enough? 5. Did Jesus set 8 Disciples at Gethsemane gate? & why take 2 sons of Zebedee & Peter with him? 6. Why did Jesus go to Gethsemane? Why did he fall on his face & who did he Pray to & why? 7. Why did Jesus beg the one & only Saviour to Save him from Death? & did God accept his prayers? 8. Why was Jesus asked: shall we smite them with the Sword? What was used to severe the ear off? 9. Why did All the Disciples Forsake Jesus & flee? Why did Jesus forbade Magdalene to touch him? 10. Why did Jesus say: my God my God why hast thou forsaken me? & did God really abandon him? 11. Why did Magdalene go to tomb & why was she asked: Why seek ye the Living among the Dead? 12. Why did Mary Magdalene say: Where have you laid him so I can take him away? Dead or Alive? 13. Why did sheets needed to be un-wound & stone needs removed if Jesus was indeed Resurrected? 14. Who said to Mary Magdalene: Why weepest thou, whom seekest thou? More importantly why? 15. Why did Mary Magdalene suppose Jesus to be the gardener? Do Resurrected look like gardeners? 16. Why was there a need for Jesus to be in disguise after he was supposed to have been Resurrected? 17. Why were the Disciples Terrified when Jesus appeared unexpectedly to them in the upper room? 19. Why did Jesus say: This day you will be in heaven with me, if he was yet to spend 3 days in tomb? 20. Why did Jesus Prophesy he will be Alive for 3 days & 3 nights just as Prophet Jonah was Alive? Jesus to be alive inside tomb for 3 days & 3 nights to fulfil his Prophesy Fri. to Sun. is to the contrary. E:Mail to: (answers may be sought from any Church, Denomination, Church, Hierarchy, The Pope, Doctors of Divinity or any theologians from any Planet.

Thought provoking: What did JesuspbuhChrist write in the sand when he said: without sin cast 1st stone? Jesus said: I have revealed to them thy name, therefore what is the name of God he revealed to them? Where was Jesus for 17/18 years? Why was Jesus followed by Magdalene? Where was his Mother? Where was Lazarus (friend of Jesus whom he brought back to life) during his Hour of need? Where was Joseph who was allegedly Mary’s husband who was the Step-Father of Jesus in his hour of need? Where was Jesus when his cousin was being be-headed did he go to his funeral & did he pray for him? Why did Jesus command his comrades to sell their belonging to Arm themselves like terrorists with illegal weapons like Swords, then do a u-turn by Surrendering: All who live by the Sword shall Perish by the Sword, was that as he had no choice but to Surrender gracefully in defeat as defeat stared Jesus in the face as they were out numbered or as he did not wish to Die or his comrades to be Slaughtered?

mike Gotteri 30 June, 2009

Such a fabulous URL, you MUST make better use of this domain name. This could be such a witness to our lord and father, but it's barren???!!!

I hope this site gets some more content because it could be massive with that address.

God bless you all.

God 1 July, 2009

I LOVE JESUS!!!!!!!!

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